Unicore Communications, Inc.

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Unicore Communications, Inc. is a hightech company dedicated in highly integrated IC design

 and GNSS algorithm development. Entirely reliant on self-developed technology, Unicore has successfully developed the Nebulas multi- system multi-frequency high-performance SoC, Humbird series Low power GNSS SoC, a variety of navigation/timing modules, as well as high-precision OEM boards.


Unicore communications






As a one-stop provider of GNSS products, Unicore has profound accumulation in the development and implementation of highly integrated IC design, verification, production and multi-system, high performance GNSS baseband algorithms. Unicore's products accuracy ranges from meter, sub-meter, to centimeter and millimeter level, to meet various kinds of industry demands such as CORS applications, Surveying & Mapping, Precision Agriculture, Positioning & Heading, Vehicle Monitoring, Autonomous Vehicle Navigation, Precision Timing and so on.


  • F3, BDStar Navigation Building, No.7, Fengxian East Road, - Haidian
  • 100094 Beijing
  • China

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