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As a manufacturer, you can add new products, videos and case studies at any time from your dashboard. The online marketing and content marketing team at will actively promote your products through the website, the weekly e-newsletter, the social media network, SEO and AdWords, offering you a complete online marketing solution throughout the year!




Martplanes- Roger Ohlund, CMO


“Having a presence at has been a success story. Not only has it generated a number of leads, it has actually generated sales, on a recurring business.”



RIEGL_Logo_Schriftzug_4c_R - Silvia Zaiser, manager Marketing & PR


“We are really happy with the number of leads coming from noticed, that products with an upgraded listing (and especially accompanied by a video) generate much more leads than standard entries. Therefore, we would recommend to use the upgrade listing to promote the products efficiently."



Valeport - Kevin Edwards Sales & marketing manager


“A great outlet for promoting our products, it gets us a few orders as well!”


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