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Product Name:UgCS
Product Description:Fully functional UAV ground control software for professional applications with built-in photogrammetry and image geotagging tools, custom map / digital elevation model (DEM) and KML/CSV data import and battery exchange option for long routes, ADS-B receiver support to ensure flight safety.
Area of application:Land Surveying, Mapping, Inspection (e.g. solar panel, powerline), Agriculture, Drone Services, Construction, Mining
Mobile platform support:Android
Desktop platform support:Windows, macOS, Ubuntu
Compatible drones:>>>DJI: Phantom 4 / 4 Pro, Phantom 3 and Phantom 2, Inspire 2, Inspire 1 / 1 Pro / Raw, Mavic Pro, A3, N3, Matrice 600 / 600 Pro, Matrice 200 / 210 / 210RTK, Matrice 100, A2, Naza-M v2, WooKong-M, Vision2+, Ace One; >>>Ardupilot, Px4 and other MAVLink compatible; >>>Mikrokopter; >>>Micropilot; >>>Microdrones; >>>LockheedMartin: Kestrel, Indago.
Flight Planning Characteristics 
Mission flying types (grid, around point of interest, custom route, corrider etc.):>>>Waypoint - custom route; >>>Area scan and Photogrammetry with single/double grid; >>>Circle - around the point of interest; >>>Perimeter; >>>Click and go. (Mission types can be combined in one route. Photogrammetry route optimization based on camera type.)
Flight modes:Automatic, Semi-Automatic, Manual
Auto-return and resume from left off:Y
Mission progress monitoring:Flight time, flight distance, waypoint count
Real-time flight status:Y
No-fly zone integration:Y
Multi-flight mission support:Y
Multiple UAS support:Multi-drone support is enabled (these can be diverse vendor drones).
3D flight planning:Y
Live weather updates:N
Map-caching and offline planning:Y
Data import types:KML/CSV, DEM, Geo-Referenced Images, KMZ import with embedded COLLADA 3D models
Background map options (WMS, importable):Y
Multi-operator support:Y
Show camera footprint on map:Y
Data Capturing 
Payload manager (for different sensor configurations):Y
Post-flight data quality check:Display image centers on the map; UgCS Mapper - a desktop geo-referenced image processing software, to create 2D maps in-field, requiring no internet connection.
Manual photo control:Y
Vertical and oblique photoshooting:Y
Live video streaming:Enabled video stream broadcast for DJI Phantom 4, 3; Inspire 1, Matrice 600 and Matrice 100 from UgCS for DJI application to UgCS Desktop
Photogrammetry planner:Y
Automated camera support:Y
Base station integration:Y
RTK/PPK processing and validation:
Geo-referencing of captured data:Y
NTRIP client for RTCM corrections (base station support):
Image geotagging:Y
Data Output 
Export data to cloud applications tool:Y (starting from UgCS 2.14)
Output products:Geotagged images, Flight logs, Geotiff, Orthophoto map and starting from UgCS 2.14 Point cloud.
Replay flights:Y
Output files:GIF, XML, LAS
Hardware:CPU: Core 2 Duo or Athlon X2 at 2.4GHz Minimum RAM 2GB, recommended 4GB Hard drive: 2 GB of free space Graphics hardware: Graphics card with DirectX 9 support (shader model 2.0). Any card made since 2004 should work. Network: TCP/IPv4 network stack Screen resolution: Minimum supported screen resolution: 1024x768
Software:Operating system: Windows 7 with SP1 or later; Windows 8* / 64-bit, Mac OS X Maverick 10.9 or later* / 64-bit, Ubuntu 16.04 LTS / 64-bit" To connect DJI: Phantom 4/4 PRO/4 ADV, Phantom 3 (all editions), Inspire 2, Inspire 1, A3, N3, Matrice 600/600 PRO, Matrice 200/210/210RTK, Matrice 100, Mavic Pro drones with UgCS desktop the Android application UgCS for DJI (free) is required.
Additional Features 
Customer support:Public forum, E-mail, Phone.
ADS-B support:Y
User interface language:English, French, German, Latvian, Russian, Spanish, Chinese
Offline sharebale flight planning:
Live airplane flight tracking:
Distinguishable features :Flexible licensing model and broad fleet management feature set make UgCS suitable for organizations of a different scale: from single professional operator to large enterprise with UAV department.

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