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eMotion 3

Product Name:eMotion 3
Product Description:eMotion 3 makes professional flight and data management a breeze - minimizing the time you need to spend planning missions, managing battery changes and preparing the data you collect. So you can focus on results, not on operations.
Area of application:Inspection, Modelling
Mobile platform support:
Desktop platform support:Windows
Compatible drones:Every senseFly drone
Flight Planning Characteristics 
Mission flying types (grid, around point of interest, custom route, corrider etc.):Horizontal Mapping, Corridor, Cylinder, Aroind Point of Interest, Panoramic, Custom Route
Flight modes:Automatic
Auto-return and resume from left off:Y
Mission progress monitoring:Y
Real-time flight status:Y
No-fly zone integration:
Multi-flight mission support:Y
Multiple UAS support:
3D flight planning:Y
Live weather updates:Y
Map-caching and offline planning:
Data import types:Import Elevation Data, KML, Shapefile
Background map options (WMS, importable):DSM
Multi-operator support:
Show camera footprint on map:
Data Capturing 
Payload manager (for different sensor configurations):
Post-flight data quality check:
Manual photo control:
Vertical and oblique photoshooting:
Live video streaming:
Photogrammetry planner:Y
Automated camera support:
Base station integration:
RTK/PPK processing and validation:Y
Geo-referencing of captured data:Y
NTRIP client for RTCM corrections (base station support):
Image geotagging:
Data Output 
Export data to cloud applications tool:Pix4D, Airnavigation, Skyward(future versions)
Output products:
Replay flights:
Output files:
Additional Features 
Customer support:
ADS-B support:
User interface language:
Offline sharebale flight planning:
Live airplane flight tracking:
Distinguishable features :A drone’s flight management (or ground station) software defines your experience—if this is complicated or confusing, professional drone operation can quickly become a chore. eMotion 3 is different: it’s advanced, scalable software anyone can use.

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Supplier Information
  • senseFly

  • Route de Genève 38 - (Z.I. Châtelard Sud)
  • 1033 Cheseaux-Lausanne
  • Vaud
  • Switzerland



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