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Product Name:Pix4Dcapture
Product Description:
Area of application:Precision Agriculture, 3D Mapping, Inspection, Mining, Construction & Infrastructure, Surveying, Culture & Heritage
Mobile platform support:iOS, Android
Desktop platform support:
Compatible drones:DJI: Phantom 3 Standard, Phantom 3 Advanced, Phantom 3 Professional, Phantom 4, Phantom 4 Pro, Inspire 1, Inspire 2, Matrice 100, Matrice 600 (iOS), Mavic Pro, Spark Parrot: Bebop 2, Disco-Pro AG (iOS), Bluegrass
Flight Planning Characteristics 
Mission flying types (grid, around point of interest, custom route, corrider etc.):Polygon: Save time and battery by tailoring the flight plan to the shape of your area of interest. Recommended for relatively flat surface to create 2D outputs like orthomosaics. Grid: Fast and easy mission recommended for relatively flat surface for creating 2D outputs like orthomosaics. Double Grid: Ensures that images are taken from multiple sides. Recommended for surfaces with changing altitudes (urban areas, buildings) and the interest of processing 3D models. Circular: Fast image acquisition for single object projects with the interest of processing 3D models. Free Flight: Manually flying with automated camera trigger based on distance. Recommended for vertical mapping
Flight modes:Automatic, Manual
Auto-return and resume from left off:Y
Mission progress monitoring:Y
Real-time flight status:Y
No-fly zone integration:
Multi-flight mission support:Y
Multiple UAS support:
3D flight planning:Y
Live weather updates:
Map-caching and offline planning:Y
Data import types:Import KML/KMZ (Android)
Background map options (WMS, importable):Y
Multi-operator support:
Show camera footprint on map:
Data Capturing 
Payload manager (for different sensor configurations):
Post-flight data quality check:Y
Manual photo control:
Vertical and oblique photoshooting:Y
Live video streaming:Y
Photogrammetry planner:Y
Automated camera support:
Base station integration:
RTK/PPK processing and validation:
Geo-referencing of captured data:Y
NTRIP client for RTCM corrections (base station support):
Image geotagging:Y
Data Output 
Export data to cloud applications tool:Your workflow, your choice. After your mission, simply transfer the data to your preference of Pix4D desktop or cloud for processing. Analyze and share your full resolution maps and models on the Pix4D cloud platform, or use advanced editing tools on Pix4D desktop.
Output products:
Replay flights:
Output files:Images (.jpeg)
Software:iOS (10.3) / Android (4.4)
Additional Features 
Customer support:
ADS-B support:
User interface language:English
Offline sharebale flight planning:Y
Live airplane flight tracking:
Distinguishable features :Multiple brands of drones supported || Multicopter and fixed wing support || RGB, thermal and multispectral camera support || automated image transfer from drone to device

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Supplier Information
  • Pix4D

  • EPFL Innovation Park, Building F
  • 1015 Lausanne
  • Switzerland



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