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Type 6030

Product Name:Type 6030
Product Description:
Type:Land, Marine, Aerial
Year of introduction :2016
Height [mm]:31
Width [mm]:147
Weight [kg]:0.5
Depth [mm]:135
Housing material:Aluminium
Typical applications:Maintenance shops, Aircraft Hangars, Firestations, Policestations, Parking Garages etc.
Operating power: [V]:230VAC
Power supply:External
Typical consumption [W]:1
Operating time with internal power supply [hr]:0
Operating temperature: min. [°C]:-20
Operating temperature: max. [°C]:+60
Environmental protection [IP]:57
Tracked satellite signals:GPS L1: 1575.42 MHz GLONASS L1: 1602 MHz Beidou-2 B1: 1561.098 MHz Galileo E1: 1575.42 MHz
Gain [dB]:60
Signal to Noise Ratio [dB]:4
Transmission range with supplied antenna [M]:50
Minimum elevation [°] for transmission:10
Outdoor antenna supplied:Y
Outdoor antenna type:Environmentally protected patch. Please ask for kit with outdoor antenna.
Indoor antenna supplied:Y
Indoor antenna type:Cased swirl
Cable supplied:N
Cable type:N/A
Number of supported indoor antennas:1
More information 
More information:The COMM-connect GPS Repeaters allows for indoor GPS coverage where critical operations are depending on GPS data. The GPS Repeaters is equipped with N female connectors, which makes it very easy to install in any type of installation. Mechanical mounting is made easy by mounting flaps protruding the casing.
Distinguishable features :Very rugged, no wall adapter

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