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Product Name:GrafNav
Product Description:GrafNav post-processing software is a powerful, highly configurable processing engine that allows for the best possible static or kinematic GNSS accuracy using all available GNSS data.
Year of introduction :
Area of application:Marine, Airborne, Land
Compatible Receivers:Support of data formats from most single and multi-frequency commercial receivers
Technical specifications 
Coverage:Full geoid support for the US, Canada, Japan, Australia, Mexico, France, UK, Ireland and more.
Horizontal accurcacy (RMSE) {cm}:
Vertical accuracy (RMSE) {cm}:
Corrections base 
RTK Corrections Via NTRIP Network:
Signal :IP
Other:Precise satellite clock and orbit data can be downloaded from within GrafNav to achieve sub-5 cm position accuracy using PPP with kinematic trajectories. The software can easily make use of project specific base station data, or use publicly available reference station data to achieve centimetre level position accuracy.
Operating System:Windows
INS Integration:N
Offline operability:Y
Interface:Windows based Graphical User Interface, full suite of data and solution visualization and diagnostic tools is available for quality assurance.
Other:GrafNav supports multi-base processing for projects that cover large areas. A float static solution is available for long and/or noisy baselines. Built-in ionospheric processing improves accuracies for dual-frequency users.
Subscription plans:software packages are available as a digitally secured machine-portable license, perpetual license or time-limited term license.
Distinguishable features :Multi-constellation GNSS Processing, GNSS Heading, Precise Point Positioning, Multi-base Station Support, Software Development Kit, Kinematic Data Processing.
Typical applications:Many applications where absolute position accuracy is critical. For these applications, the accuracy of the GNSS position and velocity solution can be greatly improved by post-processing.

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Supplier Information
  • NovAtel

  • 1120 - 68th Avenue N.E.
  • T2E 8S5 Calgary
  • Alberta
  • Canada



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