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TopNET live

Product Name:TopNET live
Product Description:TopNET live is a subscription based, Real Time GNSS Reference Network delivering high quality, GPS/GLONASS correction data to rovers used for surveying, construction, GIS mapping and agricultural applications throughout North America. Fully interoperable with all makes of network capable rovers, subscriptions are made easily available through the Topcon website 24/7.
Year of introduction :
Area of application:Land
Type:Real Time Correction Service
Compatible Receivers:Fully interoperable with all makes of network capable rovers
Technical specifications 
Coverage:PPP: Global. Network RTK: United States, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Panama, Colombia, Bolivia, Chile, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Denmark, United Kingom, Ireland, The Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Italy, Spain, Greece
Horizontal accurcacy (RMSE) {cm}:
Vertical accuracy (RMSE) {cm}:
Corrections base 
RTK Corrections Via NTRIP Network:Y
Signal :Satellite, Cellular, IP
Other:TopNET live is designed to meet the unique needs of customers by providing a wide range of subscription services. Network RTK, RTK, DGPS, and Agricultural GNSS corrections can be utilized on a quarterly or annual basis.
Operating System:
INS Integration:N
Offline operability:
Subscription plans:Quarterly or annual subscriptions
Distinguishable features :TopNET live real time networks are powered by Topcon's TopNET Reference Network management software suit. Topcon directly operates, manages and maintains all segments of the network, from the reference stations in the field to the server and IT infrastructure.
Support:Get support whenever you need it, even on your mobile device, with a free Topcon account. Access training, materials, product updates and troubleshooting guides. Even submit support cases to Topcon Professional Support.
Typical applications:Land Surveying, Construction, GIS Mapping, Agriculture

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