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S2CM 18/34

Product Name:S2CM 18/34
Product Description:The S2C M series of "mini-modems", a product line designed for size- and weight-sensitive applications, is ideal for integration with modern UUVs. S2C M modems are fully compatible with S2C R Modem, USBL and LBL ranges. They can extend existing infrastructure and seamlessly integrate into EvoLogics navigation and positioning systems. Any S2C M "mini" Modem can be supplied with a cable mounted transducer (up to 1.5 m cable length) to simplify system integration for UUVs or diver tracking systems.
Year of initial development:
Year of latest version:
Area of Application:
Field of Use:Communication and positioning for AUVs and ROVs. Diver tracking systems. Size- and weight-sensitive applications. High-speed communication in adverse conditions
Languages Supported:
Hardware/software requirements 
HD [GB]:
Operating System:
Processor (CPU):
Dedicated software:
Power supply and communication 
Power Supply :Stand-by mode: 2.5 mW. Listen mode: 5 - 285 mW. Receive mode: less than 0.8 W. Transmit mode: 8 W, 2000 m range. 35 W; 3500 m range
Operating current:24 VDC (12 VDC optional)
Operating time with internal power supply [hr]:
Output interface:Ethernet or RS-232
Connector type:1 SubConn® Metal Shell 1500 Series
Physical Properties  
Weight in air [kg]:2910
Weight in water [kg]:2120
Width [m]:0.063
Length [m]:0.31
Operating temperature: min. [°C]:0
Operating temperature: max. [°C]:60
Housing material:Delrin or stainless steel
Acoustic properties 
Min. Operating frequency [kHz]:18
Max. Operating frequency [kHz]:34
Transducer beam shape:horizontally omnidirectional
Beam width:
Transmit Source Level (dB re 1mPa @ 1m):
Acoustics date rate:up to 13.9 kbit/s
Error rate:less than 1 / 10000000000
Operating properties 
Maximum range (sea/fresh water):3500m
Depth rating {m}:2000
Output data format:
Stand-by mode:Y
Other specifications 
Data storage:
Additional capabilities:

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