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CARIS Onboard

Product Name:CARIS Onboard
Product Description:A near real-time sonar data processing and mapping application, CARIS Onboard has been designed to work with survey launches, AUV\'s and USV\'s by automatically converting data as it becomes available to reduce the product creation timeline and increase quality control.
Year of initial introduction:2015
Year of last update:2016
Supported Systems (SB, MB, SSS, Lidar etc.):Single Beam, Multibeam, Side Scan Sonar, LiDAR, Synthetic Aperture Sonar (SAS), Interferometric
Hardware/software requirements 
RAM [MB]:8000
Use of GPU:No
Processor (CPU) :32-bit, 64-bit
Stereo Display:No
Field of Use:Automation, Hydrography, Oceanography, Exploration and Productions, Scientific
Languages Supported:English
Files and Registering 
Input Formates {XTF, XYZ, GSF etc}:Atlas SDA/ASD/ACF, Bathyswath SXI/SXP/SXR, Chirpscan 3D BRF, CMAX CMX/CM2, Coda, Edgetech Midas/JSF/EGG260, Eiva SBD, Elac XSE, Furuno, GeoAcoustics RDF/RFF, GSF, Hypack RAW/HSX/HS2, Imagenex D1P/83P/83M, Klein, Kongsberg ALL/OUT/RAW/DEPTH, Kraken TIL, LADS CAF, MarineSonics MST, ProSAS IMG, QMIPS DAT, Seabeam, SEGY Singlebeam, SHOALS OUT/HOF/TOF, SPAWAR DAT, Teledyne TDY, Teledyne Reson S7K/PDS, Winfrog RAW, XTF
Max. Number of Soundings:Infinite
Supported Hydrographic Systems:Eiva, Hypack, SIS, QPS, PDS2000
Background format support {Google, Bing, OGC, CAD etc.}:DXF/DWG, BSB/KAP, BAG, DGN, DEM, ECW, ESRI ASC/ADF/FLT, ESRI Shape, GRIB, GML, GIF, CHR, Intergraph COT/CRL/RLE/CIT, JPEG/JP2, Mapinfo MIF, SID, NOAA NGS BIN, NTF, NetCDF NC/GMT, PNG, S-57 000, TIF/TIFF, VPF DHT/LAT/LHT, BMP, Gridded XYZ, OGC WMS/WMTS/WCS, TMS, Kongsberg SIS Grid
Visualisation and Editing 
2D Editing:No
2D Visualization:Yes
Fly-throughs support:Yes
3D fly-through movies {*.mov etc}:Yes
Area based 3D editing:No
Area based 3D View:Yes
3D View max number points:Depends on PC
3D Integrated models:No
Sounding cleaning algorithms:CUBE
4D support:No
4D fly through movies {*.mov etc.}:No
Sound velocity correction:Multiple profile correction support
Sound velocity correction type:Distance + Time
Tidal reduction:RTK-tide
Support tidal reduction network:Y
Manual editing capability:N
Gridding/Interpolation techniques:Swath Angle, Uncertainty, CUBE
Grid attributes {Std., Mean, Max, etc.}:Deep, Density, Depth, Mean, Std Deviation, Shoal, Uncertainty, Hypothesis Count, Hypothesis Strength
Lay-back correction:Y
Siant range correction:Y
Mosaic creation:Y
Mosaic creation algorithms:Weighted Blending
SSS Targeting:N/A
Video integration:N
Number of video channels:0
Assessment of bathymetry IHO Cat S-44:N
Type of automatic cleaning algorithm(s) :CUBE
Multibeam water column imaging support:N
Multibeam Backscatter Processing Functionality:Will have in version 1.1
Mulitbeam Calibration mehods:Manual
Geodetic Functionality 
Supported coordinate systems:EPSG
Geographical Coordinates {Lat, Long}:Y
Ground Coordinates {E,N}:Y
Seven Parameter shift supported:Y
Supported vertical reference frames  :Any
Ellipsoidal reference support (GRS80):Y
Separation model for vertical datum shift support :Y
Local datum support:Y
Product Generation 
Automatic top of pipe calculation:N
Slope analysis:N
Dynamic event numbering:N
Automatic cross profile creation:N
Volume calculation:N
Sounding Selection methods:N
Export/Exchange options:ASCII, CSAR grid/point cloud, HTF, FAU, GSF, UNISIPS, XML, BAG, TIFF/GeoTIFF, ESRI ASCII, USGS DEM, DXF, CARIS Map, GML, KML/KMZ, CARIS HOB, S-57 000, ESRI Shape
Combining bathymetry / terrestrial point clouds:N

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Supplier Information
  • Teledyne CARIS

  • 115 Waggoners Lane
  • E3B 2L4 Fredericton, New Brunswick
  • Canada



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