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SonarWiz 7 Office Post-Processing Suite

Product Name:SonarWiz 7 Office Post-Processing Suite
Product Description:SonarWiz Office Suite 7 is your all-in-one solution for acquiring and/or processing sidescan, sub-bottom, bathymetry and magnetometry data. Modules are sold separately or as a complete suite - only pay for the software that you will use. The industry’s leading seafloor mapping software allows surveyors to: Detect small targets via improved across track resolution. Identify differences between old and new surveys through the SonarWiz transparency, swipe, or line shift tools. Preserve the full fidelity of sonar data across multiple formats e.g. XTF, Edgetech JSF or Kongsberg-GeoAcoustics GCF. Simplify mission execution through the use of a single, easy-to-learn mapping solution. Create superior contact reports thanks to improved editing features. Easily export data to a variety of formats including PDF, OpenOffice, Microsoft Word, and HTML. Optimize time on the water through the use of sophisticated planning tools. Reduce costs by leveraging real-time data acquisition to confirm quality and coverage prior to leaving coverage area. Generate state of the art mosaics, contact, and waterfall imagery with high resolution 64-bit displays.
Year of initial introduction:1995
Year of last update:2017
Modules:SonarWiz 7 Office Post-Processing Suite includes sidescan, sub-bottom, bathymetry, magnetometry and now single beam. SonarWiz 7 Office Data Acquisition includes sidescan, sub-bottom, bathymetry, magnetometry and single beam. SonarWiz 7 Does-It-All Suite offers both data acquisition AND post-processing for sidescan, sub-bottom, bathymetry, magnetometry and now single beam.
Supported Systems (SB, MB, SSS, Lidar etc.):SonarWiz 7 is compatible with many different sonar manufacturers and file formats for Single beam, SS, SBP, Mag & Bathy including GPS, fathometer, heave sensor, MRU input via COM port or UDP. Please contact our technical support online, by email or phone and we will answer any questions you may have within 24 hours.
Hardware/software requirements 
RAM [MB]:4000
Use of GPU:Yes
Processor (CPU) :32-bit, 64-bit
Stereo Display:Yes
Field of Use:-Pipeline survey -Hydrographic survey -Commercial survey -Marine archaeological survey -Educational hydrography
Languages Supported:English
Files and Registering 
Input Formates {XTF, XYZ, GSF etc}:Sidescan: SonarWiz accepts over 20 different sidescan formats including JSF, XTF, SDF, RDF, DAT, SON, ODC, SEG, S2K, and ALL. SBP specific: SonarWiz accepts over 10 different sub-bottom formats including SEG, JSF, GCF, COD, XTF, SDF, RAW, V4Log, ODC, KEB (including D0-3 & 9 formats). Mag specific: - AquaScan AXL - Arts GAVIA MAG - Balaswamy - C&C Magnetometers - CSF Magnetometers - FSL-MAG - HWTMA-2011-1 - HYPACK RAW File Magnetometer - Lat Lon Magnetometer Files - Lon Lat Magnetometer - Mag Log Type 4 - Mag Log Type 5 - Maglog GPS-POS w/Altitude - Maglog GPS-POS-Alt-MAG2-MAG3 - Mag Log Spencer - Maglog Standard Format - Maglog w/Altitude - PLR Magnetometer [feet] - PLR Magnetometer [meters] - SeaLink Magnetometer - SeaLink Wilhelm - SeaSpy Type 3 - SonarWiz MAG 882 - SonarWiz SEASPY - SonarWiz SEASPY_XY - TBSmith HYPACK MAG - TeslaOffshore-MAG-1 - XYZ MAG For a complete list, visit:
Max. Number of Soundings:Depends on file size, 500 per project is typical.
Supported Hydrographic Systems:CMAX, Edgetech, Geoacoustics,Geomag, Humminbird, Imagenex, Klein, Knudsen, Kongsberg, Marine Magnetics, Marine Sonic,Odom, PingDSP, R2Sonic, RESON, SyQwest, Teledyne-Benthos, Teledyne-Hugin.
Background format support {Google, Bing, OGC, CAD etc.}:SonarWiz works with all importable basemap file types supported by Global Mapper Software LLC, Olathe, KS.
Visualisation and Editing 
2D Editing:Yes
2D Visualization:Yes
Fly-throughs support:Yes
3D fly-through movies {*.mov etc}:Yes
Area based 3D editing:Yes
Area based 3D View:Yes
3D View max number points:10,000
3D Integrated models:
Sounding cleaning algorithms:Automatic, supervised filtering, & manual tools.
4D support:No
4D fly through movies {*.mov etc.}:NA
Sound velocity correction:Single profile support
Sound velocity correction type:Other
Tidal reduction:Tide
Support tidal reduction network:N
Manual editing capability:Y
Gridding/Interpolation techniques:Altitude, Cable Out, Mag, Reflectivity, & others
Grid attributes {Std., Mean, Max, etc.}:Weighted Average, Average, Density, Minimum, Maximum, Median, Amplitude, Standard Deviation
Lay-back correction:Y
Siant range correction:Y
Mosaic creation:Y
Mosaic creation algorithms:Proprietary
SSS Targeting:Yes
Video integration:N
Number of video channels:0
Assessment of bathymetry IHO Cat S-44:N
Type of automatic cleaning algorithm(s) :All: automated smoothing and manual editing option for navigation data, with digital filtering specific to each category. Sidescan: bottom-tracking, beam-angle correction, speed correction, AGC, TVG, UGC, EGN, downsampling options Sub-bottom: bottom-tracking, band-pass filter, swell filter, heave correction, stacking, datum alignment, downsampling options, with AGC, TVG, UGC. Bathymetry: downsampling options, amplitude filter, range filter, cutoff angle filter, box filter, density filter, median filter, sound velocity/tide adjustments, manual swath and area editing, supervised/auto support - swath editing.
Multibeam water column imaging support:Y
Multibeam Backscatter Processing Functionality:Yes - RESON, R2Sonic, Kongsberg
Mulitbeam Calibration mehods:Automatic and Manual
Geodetic Functionality 
Supported coordinate systems:Pre-defined such as WGS84, LL, all UTM, NAD27, NAD83, state planes (US), most pre-defiend International coordinate systems, and user-defined coordinate system options with customized datum, ellipsoid, and projections.
Geographical Coordinates {Lat, Long}:Y
Ground Coordinates {E,N}:Y
Seven Parameter shift supported:Y
Supported vertical reference frames  :
Ellipsoidal reference support (GRS80):Y
Separation model for vertical datum shift support :Y
Local datum support:Y
Product Generation 
Automatic top of pipe calculation:N
Slope analysis:
Dynamic event numbering:Y
Automatic cross profile creation:
Volume calculation:N
Sounding Selection methods:
Export/Exchange options:BMP, JPG, TIFF, Geo Image, 3D PDF, Google Earth, Sonar Coverage Report, Capture Screen Image
Combining bathymetry / terrestrial point clouds:

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