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Hardware/software requirements


Use of GPU

Processor (CPU)

Stereo Display

Visualisation and Editing

2D Editing

2D Visualization

Fly-throughs support

Area based 3D editing

4D support


Sound velocity correction

Sound velocity correction type

Tidal reduction

Support tidal reduction network

Manual editing capability

Lay-back correction

Siant range correction

Mosaic creation

Video integration


Assessment of bathymetry IHO Cat S-44

Multibeam water column imaging support

Mulitbeam Calibration mehods

Geodetic Functionality

Geographical Coordinates {Lat, Long}

Ground Coordinates {E,N}

Seven Parameter shift supported

Ellipsoidal reference support (GRS80)

Separation model for vertical datum shift support

Local datum support

Product Generation

Automatic top of pipe calculation

Slope analysis

Dynamic event numbering

Automatic cross profile creation

Volume calculation


Sounding Selection methods

Combining bathymetry / terrestrial point clouds

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EIVA NaviSuite Kuda – Post-Processing
very productive SW especially in MB & SS data, very easy & powerful 3D analysis
This software worked great! It allowed me and my other colleagues to process our multibeam data in a very
Handy piece of software used recently on a siltation study for a major equatorial marine development. Very



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