Photogrammetric Imagery Processing Software

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Required Computer System

System includes hardware


64-bit version of software available

Distributed processing capacity

GPU based calculations


Viewing System


Images and data

Scanned analogue Aerial Photos

Digital Aerial Nadir Frames

Oblique Images

Linear array sensors

Optical Satellite Images

UAS Images

Radar Images

Image manipulation & processing

Automatic contrast manipulations

Spatial convolution

Radiometric corrections

Radiometric adjustment for mosaicing

Orientation and triangulation

Automatic interior


Automatic aerotriangulation

Automated blunder detection

Self calibration

images simultaneously processed

DEMs & Orthoimages

Automatic breakline extraction

Checking facilities (DEM editing)

Automatic contour generation

Mosaicing of orthoimages

True orthoimage generation

Dense DSM creating capability

DSM to DTM filtering

Automatic seam line creation

Dense Image Matching

Feature Extraction and Mapping

Mapping facilities

Semi-automatic corner point extraction

Semi-automatic line feature extraction

Semi-automatic building extraction

3D superimposition

Integration with scanned maps

Integration with 2D vector maps

Integration with 3D vector maps

Integration with point clouds

Automatic Texturing

Measurement tools




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